Reputation Management

We believe that reputation is like an organism. It’s not only about healthy food and tonus; it’s like a mechanism depending on subtle strings.

We would never say a reputation is strong and shiny from the inside groups of fans.

We would never say that is no big deal if the company chooses not to respond customers’ angry emails or simply cover the rigid and patronizing attitudes of company CEO.

We don’t think in terms of big or little brands, we aim to involve more and more people to create and fuel the brand’s universe with beautiful and meaningful stories.

And yes, it’s all about people feelings, ways of expressing personalities and their need to interact with all kind of values. We are always committed to track the process of determining trustworthiness by Monitoring, Optimizing and Engaging audiences’ feedback.

The “unique selling proposition” isn’t just for selling, it’s about something we dare to spit it as simple as possible: it’s a proposition that open the Aladdin lamp and Alice world, and Little Prince eyes for the fulfillment of the world’s greatest and mysterious chemistry: love. It’s somehow very simple, you love or hate something. Ignorance doesn’t actually exist. So, people, let’s dig together for the things we really enjoy to think about, see, hear and do.  Therefore, we are looking forward to be involved into:

  • Positioning carousel
  • Tam-tam ideas and concepts
  • Tactical approach and implementation