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    F Indication By inserting a nasogastric tube, you are gaining access to the stomach and its contents. In trauma settings, NG tubes can be used to aid in the prevention of vomiting and aspiration, assessment of GI bleeding.

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    Examine: nostril obstruction? Septal deviation Determine which nostril more patent?

    Ask patient occlude prostate volume 50cc nostril and breathe through the other 3. Measurement Tip of noseearlobe inches below xiphoid process Marked with a piece of tape on the tube 4.

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    Position: prostatitis treatment duration upright with neck partially flexed Ask patient hold a cup of water and put straw in mouth 5. Create a curling of distal endlubricate the distal tip of NG tube 6. Gently insert the NG tube along the floor of nose with the slight curve pointing down and advance it parallel to the nasal floor until it reaches the back of the nasopharynx, where resistance will be met 7.

    Sip water and start swallow Continue to advance the NG tube until the distance of previously estimated length is reached 8.

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    Verify proper placement of NG tube Auscultation : over epigastrium region, insert air through the syringe, any rumbling sound? Aspirate some gastric content for litmus testing blue red CXR: verify correct placement Prepare NG tube -Measure from naso-tragus-stomach xiphoid - lubricate 4.

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    Inspect nasal passage -Make sure no evidence of bleeding or swollen mucosa 5. Use thumb and forefinger of free hand push backwards tip of nose and with other hand pass NG tube along floor of nose beyong the turbinates 6.

    Once NG tube is in the oropharynx, ask the patient to swallow.

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    Insert up to measured distance 7. When NG is in place, the following test should be done to ensure placement in the stomach a.

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    Free flow of stomach content, aspirate prostate volume 50cc to confirm stomach content use Litmus paper to test for acid blue pink b.